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The Hotel Between Worlds

An Open Dressing Room

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Name:The Hotel Between Worlds
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The Hotel Between Worlds
An Open Dressing Room

Welcome to [community profile] thehotel; The Hotel Between Worlds. An expansive resort settled in between nothing and nowhere. The Amenities and resort itself were designed to offer nearly anything to anyone who might end up vacationing there.

This dressing room is designed as a place where characters come and go in and out of their canon worlds, either by choice or by force, for a vacation from their reality and their lives. Time doesn't move and beyond the resort grounds is a vast nothingness that drops them right back into their assigned rooms. Is it reality? Is it an illusion? Who knows or cares. The resort's purpose is to force relaxation on the characters of every time and world, and it will accomplish those goals with or without the cooperation of the characters it holds hostage.

There's a pool, a bar, a vast collection of rooms in all sizes, a lounge, a game room and arcade, a restaurant, tennis courts, a golf course, a quidditch field, a spa, elevators that go in every direction and so much more.

Characters have been sent here for an enforced vacation from their reality. It's time for them to get drunk, sleep it off, and generally try to find their way around the labyrinthian hallways of the hotel.

You are no longer in your own world. A bellhop hands you a room key and mutters that all luggage has to be carried by residents, company policy. After that, well, the rest is up to you.

Don't worry, according to staff, you've already paid with a credit card, and everything the hotel has to offer will just be charged to your room. Beyond that, the staff is unhelpful and at times antagonistic. Don't ask them questions and they will go about their business, but irritate them too much and your level of service drops. Leave them be and they will make sure you get everything you might need to accomplish the goal of the hotel.

A much needed and strictly enforced vacation from reality.

» This is an open dressing room. Anyone who joins the community can post.
» Posts created can be anything from long logs to brief sentence or longer starters.
» Give people something to work with and a reason to tag you.
» This is NOT a meme community.
» Occasional mingle memes might be posted to the community and cross-posted elsewhere to draw attention, but all will take place within the hotel and starters will be required.
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